1.5 Genre Project Reflection

In this project I understand much better the limited government subject and I think that I did well in the graffiti, because was a good representation of a limited government. I could have done better job in the interview that I realize to Thomas Jefferson. I going to have a better job in all the aspects to be an excellent project for me. In this project i learn more about limited government and i have a better understood of this subject. I always push my self to the limit to do a better job in every new project.


Interview to Thomas Jefferson

Work cited: empowernetwork.com

Good afternoon my name is Antonia Gonzalez-Olvera, and today I interview one of the most important men’s in the history of the United States of America. I’m talking about Thomas Jefferson, a man that do the best for his country. We going to talk about his opinions about the limited government.

Limited government means restricted with reference to governing powers by limitations prescribed in laws and in the constitution.

Antonia: Hello mr. Jefferson I’m so glad that you receive me today.

Jefferson: You always are welcome to my home.

Antonia: Thank you, I appreciate that you want to answer my questions.

Antonia: how do you feel about the limited government subject?

Jefferson: well, I try to do the best for our country and if the people want a limited government for protect their rights, I support them.

Antonia: how do the people limit the government?

Jefferson: one was the first document that we writ to protect the rights of the people and that was the Magna Carta. The second one was passed when we stablished the constitution I’m talking about the bill of rights. They pass check and balances for the same issue. Finally, we do the three branches: judicial, executive, and legislative.

Antonia: how check and balances limit the government?

Jefferson: check and balances don’t permit that the three branches of the government have more power.

Antonia: why they want a limited government?

Jefferson: the people don’t want that the government have enough power to destroy them.

Antonia: what is going to happened if we never limited the government?

Jefferson: well, maybe the government was going to be a monarchy.

Antonia: why do you think that?

Jefferson: because if the government have the power they going to do everything they want and anybody can save us of the destruction.

Antonia: thank you so much for take your time to answer my questions.

Jefferson: I always going to be happy of receive you again.


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Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution

The Articles of Confederation have a lot of problems and the Constitution was the solution to fix it. The two documents have much in common, they were established by the same people. But they differ more than they do resemble each other, when one looks at the details. The Articles of confederation was the first constitution after the Declaration of Independence. The constitution was the second writ that the representatives of the colonies did to fix the problems of the first one.

There were many differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. At the end of the American Revolution the free states needed some of control that would generate to a unified country. Issues were that the people want equal rights, and a new government. Their first attempt at solving this issue was the Articles of Confederation, which was a failure for the most part, but not completely. After the failure of the articles, the state delegates tried to revise the articles, but instead, constructed the Constitution. There were so many changes made and very little remained the same. Unlike the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution had a greater sense of central government. In the Constitution a president was the executive. The president was the person that can approve or veto the new rules.

The thirteen states formed a Confederation in order to find a solution for common problems such as foreign affairs.The Articles of Confederation was the nation’s first Constitution. The articles created a loose Confederation of independent states that gave limited powers to the central government. Each state would have one vote in the house of Congress, no matter the size of the population. Members of the one-house Congress, such as Pennsylvania, agreed that the new government should be a unicameral legislature, without an executive branch or a separate judiciary. Under the articles, there wasn’t a strong independent executive. There wasn’t any judicial branch but Congress had the authority to arbitrate disputes between states. Congress was responsible for conducting foreign affairs, declaring war or peace, maintaining an army and navy and a variety of other lesser functions. But the articles denied Congress the power to collect taxes, regulate interstate commerce and enforce laws.

In order to accept the Constitution as the United States new form of government, states had to ratify it.The success of the Constitution lies within its structure. It starts of with the Pre-amble where the rational behind the Constitution is stated. Many states had only ratified the Constitution due to the fact that once ratified, a Bill of Rights would be added in. The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the Constitution, which states and protects specific rights of a citizen. After the Bill of rights comes the articles where the powers of each sect of government are explained.

American colonies and The Independence

I’m from the south to be more specific I live in South Carolina. In this part of the country the people are treated with indifference for the Britain King. He only want to benefit his self, because he is destroying our economy by implementing new taxes, one example of that is the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act is the implemented of a direct tax instead of an indirect tax (Sugar Act). When they implement this tax they violated the Magna Carta. The most important thing is that they don’t give us the right to act with liberty, because a lot of people like us are working in the fields with not paid and are treated like slaves. We want our freedom, we want liberty.