5.2 Blog; President William McKinley Speech

Good morning gentlemen, I president William McKinley want to ask your services. Since we know each other for a long period of time I believe that all of you have good heart . On these days we pass for a lot of problems and thank to all of you we resolve it. Right know I asking your cooperation, because I strongly believe that these is a big issue and we don’t have any option to resolve it with dialogue.

We are a big nation that have heart and I believe that we need to use our power for help another small countries that have serious problems. Also I strongly agree that we have the responsibility to intervene in Cuba. Spain is a big country and is taking advantage of their power to torture and control these small countries that don’t have nobody to protect them.

These is not only a political issue is also about our honor. Cuba is our neighbor and we have the responsibility to help them. I strongly agree in declaring war, because it is the only way that we can help Cuba to get away from the torture, and bad conditions that they are living in. We need to take immediate action and I suggest you to declare war against Spain.