Atomic Bomb

United States should not be drooped the atomic bomb, because that can be considered as a massacre. In not a social conflict but is about pride that you need to consider other people right to live. They also need to consider that the Japan citizens don’t have any fault for being born in that country. United Sates need to have in mind that the civilians are innocent people that don’t deserve to die. I feel bad about this situation, because USA is being to selfish and they only think about their people, but everybody is human and is not any difference.

I believe that United States think that only their people have the right to live, but this is a right that everybody have when is born.



Roaring 20s: DBQ

March 10th, 2014

In the 1920s were a lot of new inventions like television,refrigerator, radio, and washing machine that change how women’s done their work. They also start to buy those new products with credit; take it now pay later. New inventions lead to new changes in society. People start to have more technology in their home and be with more information of the world (TV periodicals, and radio).

The 1920s was a decade of progress with new inventions and new views of society. Flappers were women’s that start to change the stereotype of house women’s and start to use short dresses and drink in public. Another example were new inventions like cars. Cars become really important and people can move faster from one city to another. The first flight was also an important accomplish during this decade and mark the beginning of a new society.