5.2 Blog; President William McKinley Speech

Good morning gentlemen, I president William McKinley want to ask your services. Since we know each other for a long period of time I believe that all of you have good heart . On these days we pass for a lot of problems and thank to all of you we resolve it. Right know I asking your cooperation, because I strongly believe that these is a big issue and we don’t have any option to resolve it with dialogue.

We are a big nation that have heart and I believe that we need to use our power for help another small countries that have serious problems. Also I strongly agree that we have the responsibility to intervene in Cuba. Spain is a big country and is taking advantage of their power to torture and control these small countries that don’t have nobody to protect them.

These is not only a political issue is also about our honor. Cuba is our neighbor and we have the responsibility to help them. I strongly agree in declaring war, because it is the only way that we can help Cuba to get away from the torture, and bad conditions that they are living in. We need to take immediate action and I suggest you to declare war against Spain.

Reflective blog

In the first semester of American history class I do a good job in remembering some of the stuff that we doing in class like the progressive movement. The progressivism were middle class people that want to resolve the biggest issues that the people have in that period of time. Another subject that I like was the mexican-American war, because I already know a lot of the story when I take these class in Mexico. I love to know the different prospectives that the people have about these war. These to subjects were more easy to me and I love work in them.

In these class I have a lot of trouble remembering people and important dates. I have only three years in these country so I don’t know all the amendments of the bill of rights. I have a lot of trouble doing test, because I don’t have good reading skills. A lot of the people of these country know a lot about the constitution, but I don’t know a lot of these important stuff. I going to try to work hard to have a successful semester. For me a successful semester is having good grades in test and work more hard to have my homework on time.

Populism vs. progressivism

The progressive movement was the more influential movement in American history. Progressivism in the United States is a broadly based reform movement that reached its height early in the 20th century and is generally considered to be middle class and reformist in nature. The progressives were middle class people that want change the way that the society were living and resolve the big problems that they were facing.

The people involve in the progressive movement were most middle class people. A lot of the middle class people know more the problems of society and have more time and money to get in a movement like this one. They want to have a better life in the city and have a better work conditions., they also support the women’s suffrage. The leaders of these movement were booker t. Washington, Emma Goldman, and Jane Adams. These movement have a lot of impact in the American society.

The success of the movement were almost totally only for the provision of alcohol that don’t happened

The historical impact


Reconstruction Plan

I going to write a plan that is called the reconstruction. First the reconstruction is bring back the south to the union. In these plan I going to include laws and rights that the freemen are going to have , like vote and, be part of the society. My plan is basically give the blacks rights and that the south make a compromise of being respectful and give them the rights that they deserve. My plan is going to have three parts that are going to cover all the important needs. These plan is going to be for all the people that live in the south, especially the goverment.

The first part of my reconstruction plan is protect the freemen , pass the thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen amendment. These is going to give them the right to vote and become United States citizens. They also are going to be protected against the racism with new laws that are going to be implemented in the senate. The men’s baru are going to during more to provide services and education for the new citizens. All these is going to help the African American people to be part of the country in all the ways.

Second part of my plan is making a compromise with the south. In the compromise they going to accept the rules and one of them is negotiated with them about the freemen issue. They need to understand that if they don’t let the African American people to study and have a better job, they going to lose a lot of money and the economy is going to be affected. They need to provide schools and jobs for the African American people.

The third part is going to be focus in the south economy. Is going to consist in providing more jobs for the people and with that make more money. The south and the north are going to do a compromise that they going to help each other, including the west. In this compromise they going to agree to help each other economically. They going to import and export goods. These is going to help the south and the north in many ways and is going to end a lot of differences.

My plan is going to work better than the real reconstruction, because I added more thing that are important to the African American people. I added important things like the south compromise. The north, the south, and the west are going to get equal benefits, but the south is the one that is going to have a lot of compromise like pass the 13th,14th, and 15th amendments and the freeman beoru. In conclusion, my plan is the best one to resolve this issue.

Strategy of James Buchanan’s Chief of Satff.

In these document I going to specify the things that I going to do to resolve the problem. South Carolina need to come back, because is important for all the country and can contribute in our economy. We going to agree that they keep their slaves and we going to low the tariffs. With these the south is going to have a compromise that they need to care about all the United States problems. The south also is going to work with the other states to have a better economy.

I think that my plan is the best, because the south want slaves and low tariffs and in my plan we going to agree with them. The second part is that they going to do a compromise that they accept our petitions, in these case help the country in the problems like economy and political issues.